You would like to order the VISIOcoach program? No problem! Please use the order form. We would like to encourage you, to make sure that you are ordering the correct version for your needs. In case of a wrong order, no risk shall be expected, but we will not pay for the return shipment.

VISIOcoach order form

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Per order, we charge the following shipping costs:

  • In Germany: € 7,- plus 19% sales taxes
  • To a European foreign country: € 13-35,- plus 19% sales taxes
  • To Switzerland: € 14,-
  • To all other countries: € 38,-

Notification about sales taxes: NO SALES TAXES for:

  • Orders out of the EU
  • Orders of companies in the EU with a valid VAT number

List prices for VISIOcoach Personal (excl. sales taxes):

  • VISIOcoach Personal for hemianopia: 490,- € (special price: 345,- €)
  • VISIOcoach Personal for RP: 490,- € (special price: 345,- €)
  • VISIOcoach Personal for hemianopia in kids: 490,- € (special price: 345,- €)

Our special prices are temporary. After the special discount period is over, our list prices will be applied again.

Requirements for the computer

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