Software for medical institutions

VISIOcoach Professional is a software program, that was specially developed for medical institutions and therapists, who care for patients with hemianopia and retinitis pigmentosa.

I contrast to the simpler "Personal" versions, it containt a database that saves the effects of the training and personal patient data.

It also contains a data analysis tool that can show the effect of the training graphically. This allows showing the patient the progress made during the training immediately, which includes response times at all levels of difficulty.

In addition, the Professional version includes all three of the Personal versions, so that the therapist can either instruct patients directly in the office, or let them train right there. For that purpose, the program allows the therapist to make special adjustments in order to customize the program individually.

Every person who buys the Professional version can be incorporated into our VISIOcoach therapist network that can serve as a point of contact for patients.

Use of VISIOcoach in the office

  • Neurologists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Pediatric neurologists
  • Ophthalmologists/Orthoptists
  • Institutions for medical therapies (Ergotherapists, Orthoptists)
  • Other specially trained professionals

Use of VISIOcoach in the clinic

  • Neurological rehabilitation clinics
  • Institutions for rehabilitation in pediatric neurology
  • Low Vision Services