VISIOcoach Hemianopia Personal

Software for hemianopia and quadrantanopia

Brain damage by a stroke, injury or tumor can disrupt the visual pathway and cause visual field loss like homonymous hemianopia or quadrantanopia. This means that both eyes can be missing half or a quarter of the visual field on the same side. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people suffer visual field loss caused by a stroke. Damage to the visual pathway in children can already occur before or during birth, or in later childhood.

VISIOcoach offers the chance for improved spatial orientation in cases of hemianopia, which can increase self-sufficiency and quality of life.

  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • Information about the training progress
  • The program can also be controlled via a touch monitor
  • The program and its manual are available in the following languages:

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Spanish, and Russian.

How do you know you have hemianopia?

The following pictures illustrate the effects of homonymous hemianopia (a loss of vision in half the visual field) in an everyday setting.

While looking straight ahead, half the visual field is missing in front of both eyes.

Scanning eye movements help shifting the visual field deficit towards the "blind" side.

This process can be trained by using VISIOcoach software. The patient can use the training daily on a home computer. The program registers the success of the training and documents it after each session.

Each patient is advised to consult an eye specialist or neurologist before buying this software. There is a network of VISIOcoach therapy centers across all of Europe. Please contact us to find the nearest expert.

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